Client Interview: Deb Price, on why we should care about how our hospitals look + feel

Client Interview | Deb Price



Who do you work for and what is your role there?

I work for Burton Hospitals NHSFT and my role is Head of Community and Business Development but I also look after the charitable arm of the organisation.


Why is illustration and design important to the projects that you do?

A hospital can be a very frightening and clinical place to be – people are feeling anxious and not at their best when they come to us and by having some calming designs that flow throughout the hospital helps with peoples emotional well being.


How does working with illustration help to make an impact in a healthcare context?

It allows people to have their mind taken off the reason that they are here and be distracted – even if for a small moment in time. It can help with the calming environment to prevent a clinical ambience. First impressions are everything and as you are now walking down our long corridor to get to clinic / the ward / X-ray you experience a little bit of nature as opposed to clinical walls which makes spirits lift and smiles appear.


What does design contribute to the patient and staff experience?

An overall feeling of well-being.


You have worked with Hannah + Holly for a while now on several projects. What is your most favourite and/or most successful project so far?

The first one will always be special to me as it was hard to make people visualise what it could look like once complete and there were sceptics along the way – once the design was up there to be seen in its full glory people could really appreciate it in its entirety.


Any surprising or memorable reactions to any of the projects?

The ‘tree’ that we have in the Snow Drop Suite where we have leaves to remember those stillborn babies always brings a tear to people’s eyes – it is truly a wonderful thing.


How did know and tell help you bring the project idea to life? What was the process like?

The process was seamless for me as Hannah and Holly did all the hard work in bringing the ideas that we had to life. They were able to work with the production company to source products that would work in a healthcare environment and advised of alternate ideas when things couldn’t happen as we first imagined.


What would be your advice for other healthcare institutions looking to do something similar?

In the words of Nike – ‘Just do it’