The Weird + Wonderful World of Plants

Cambridge University Botanic Garden


Working with the Botanists and the Education Department at Cambridge University Botanic Garden, our mission over the past few years has been to encourage more young visitors by changing the experience children have when visiting the Garden.

We believe that you don't need to oversimplify scientific facts, you just have to make them fun. It was with this philosophy that 'The Weird and Wonderful World of Plants' began, creating a series of interactive, scientifically engaging trails.

For the summer holidays we created four trails which explored areas such as the importance of pollination and how bees and plants interact, the social and cultural uses of plants by humans, plant adaptions to varied environments and plant biodiversity across the globe.

The illustrated guides feature stickers, stamps, super power cards, plant passports and badges as well as elements hidden in and around the garden giving a multi level of interaction to the subject matter. We also created a fact based colour in cover that could be continued at home.

Now into its fourth year, the project continues to make learning about the biology of plants fun and has increased the young visitor numbers to the gardens. This series of guides have also been presented at education conferences globally.