Education Officer + Botanist Sally Lee, Talks Making Facts Fun

Client Interview with Sally Lee

" I think illustrations can be one of the best ways of communicating ideas.  With the right illustrations it’s possible to communicate difficult topics in a clear and undaunting way and to present topics that are often thought of as dry and boring as fun and interesting. 
We have had great feedback from visitors since we started working with Hannah + Holly. "

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Deb Price, on Why We Should Care About How Our Hospitals Look + Feel

Client Interview with Deb Price

" A hospital can be a very frightening and clinical place to be – people are feeling anxious and not at their best when they come to us and by having some calming designs that flow throughout the hospital helps with peoples emotional well being.

The process was seamless for me as Hannah and Holly did all the hard work in bringing the ideas that we had to life."

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Affective State, the Team Behind the Avatar that Helps you at Home

Client Interview with Blair Dickson

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